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JP Fonseca Land Management Services UAS-UAV systems are getting the job done

I'm going back to design and prototype of my UAV concepts and UAS systems. I moved the office to Missoula, MT and kept the door open in Fairbanks, AK. The goal is for me to settle down in Missoula and not pursue project based or contract work with Govt. sites. I found a little piece of happiness here and I'm looking forward to sharing and maintaining my new found happiness. It's a refreshing experience to be with someone that
 I enjoy being with and able to find common ground..
I am continuing the 3d Scanning phase of my work and building 3d scanning platforms for the Hexocopters and Octocopters for the rest of the year . The main interest in Missoula, MT is in fact HDS and 3d Scanning but I can also say that they are extremely interested in UAV/UAS technologies for future projects in the City and or energy related sites...which makes this a very easy choice for me to stay not to mention my new passion in my life.

New Ground stations in Portable and mobile trailers. JP Fonseca Land Serving Systems can be on site anywhere in North America in a moments notice. satellite Trailers travel with our Ground pilots for real time data streaming for our growing subscribers. Jan 19th 2014 Bucksport ME
JpFonseca Land Management Services
Land Surveys is now fully operational with the latest innovation in surveying technology, claiming to become one of the first Australian surveying companies to offer an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mapping service.

JpFonseca's  operational  Land Surveys’ new UAV mapping systems will complement the company’s traditional UAS surveying services by providing rapid-response aerial surveying. Key applications include volumetric surveys and imagery for mining projects, civil construction and environmental, heritage and agricultural applications, and infrastructure for GIS base map updating.

The benefit of this technology is that digital elevation models (DEM) and orthophotos can be produced in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks as is the case with traditional methods.

“We can capture survey and image data in a relatively short timeframe, without exposing operators to environments that are hazardous or inaccessible.”

JpFonseca Land Management Services has several UAV systems, each comprising a  DJI  UAV platforms, photogrammetric processing and surveying software, which can deliver orthorectified imagery and DEMs in all common CAD and GIS formats.

“Many of our clients are mining and engineering surveyors, engineers, environmental scientists and geologists who have rigid reporting requirements and are often working with outdated data,” Mr Wilkinson said. “To compound this, surveyors are usually working at capacity and sometimes struggle to deliver time-critical information such as end-of-month volumetric reports. Our UAV mapping service has given them the opportunity to address these issues.” within minutes of mission flight paths.

Pete Fonseca (Director of Aerial Land Surveying) : Our systems are operated by survey Technicians or photogrammetrists, specifically trained and qualified as UAV Operators. This gives our clients comfort in the knowledge that their data is being captured and processed by spatial data professionals.

“Those same professionals are also equipped to use additional surveying instruments such as GPS, total stations and laser scanners, so we can mobilize a single surveyor or two man crew with several tools, resulting in manpower cost savings.” through our network of existing clients of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering companies, strategically located through out North America.

Unmanned systems are comparable to traditional scanning capabilities, as both services are underpinned with similar data management and processing strategies. UAV is a rapidly developing technology being used for many other commercial applications including general aerial photography and infrastructure inspection work, cinema photography, agriculture, advertising, surveillance, amongst others. 

Inspections can cover ranges  between 120km - 170km per day, a much larger area than a foot survey could ever achieve.

Inspections can cover ranges  between 120km - 170km per day, a much larger area than a foot survey could ever achieve.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide a very cost effective means of collecting geodata, primarily because they do not require very sophisticated image acquisition sensors on-board and also do not have to be piloted manually. Added to this, these battery-operated UAVs are environment friendly too.
UAV images need to be rectified and validated for accuracy using sophisticated software before they can be used for conducting any study or analysis. As one of the early providers of UAV image processing and data analysis services in the industry, Above Summit  allows you to put your UAV imagery to use for a range of commercial, environmental, and governance requirements. We use a combination of UAV post processing software and industry-standard photogrammetry software.

Our services include the following:
UAV data acquisition
Image processing
Data modeling – DEM / DTM / DSM
3D feature extraction
In order to provide end-to-end support with respect to UAV image interpretation, SBL has entered into strategic tie-ups with various organizations that are competent in flying UAVs. Based on your industry and your requirements, we can help you identify the right kind of UAV and the most suitable UAV flight provider from among our strategic partners.

Waypoint Navigation
By using the DJI Waypoint Navigation, larger areas can be surveyed automatically. A notebook, netbook or tablet can be connected to the Mobile Ground Station to direct the flight system in a map. Matrix patterns can be set up with defined parameters for the generation of up-to-date maps or 3D reconstructions.

Waypoints and Paths
In the DJI Ground Station’s Status Display, you can save the current position, height and orientation of the flight system. This exact position can later be flown to semi-automatically. Multiple SURVEY TARGETS can be stored in a path and that complete path can be executed in later flights. The TRAVERSE POINT t list only shows current SURVEY POINTS  in a reachable distance BECAUSE OF BATTERY CONSUMPTION , which makes the display very tidy. An excellent function to have, especially when documenting progress on construction sites.

Panoramic Photos
You can create cylindrical and even spherical panoramic photos at the current position without any further input. A full spherical panorama with 72 images can be shot in just 3-4 minutes! The DJI S800 LAND SURVEYING UAS/UAV  allows for very high definition photos without rotors in sight in all directions.

Point of Interest (POI)
The easiest way to photograph or Survey objects from all directions is with the Point & Click function. All that is required is to fly above the object and mark it in flight. The camera will now always orientate itself towards the object. You do not have to control camera tilt or pan. This feature can even be combined with the waypoint and path function to create stunning camera flights with the desired object always on screen. Slight manual corrections of the POI’s position are always possible, however an abrupt interference will easily put the system back into normal flight mode.

This is an automated function for 3d SCANNING around an object, for example to create 3D models. First, the object is easily marked in flight. The pilot then directs the flight system to the desired distance, height and camera view, defines the angular variation and activates camera. Jp Fonseca  UAS/UAV SYSTEMS ID’S THE TARGET  marked object is automatically scanned and  takes pictures from precisely defined positions.

Visual Power Line Inspections by Helicopter
One of our core activities within our power line division is a detailed visual engineering inspection by air. This is carried out using trained overhead power line engineers, flying at low level.

This type of survey gives a unique birds eye view of the entire asset and allows assessment of:
·         Pole top rot
·         Insulator damage
·         Signing and guarding
·         ESQCR issues
·         Conductor damage
·         Steelwork
·         Vegetation


Radiological surveys
• Coastal erosion monitoring
Corona discharge inspections
Environmental studies
Electricity power line surveys and inspections
Lidar surveys
Aerial Mapping
Photographic flights
• Roads, rail and pipelines surveys

  thermal image inspections
Thermal image inspections have become the core service for predictive maintenance programs, as they can help avoid costly interruptions in supply. Jp fonseca land services  are the only thermal imaging UAS system located on the East Coast that can offer these services

Thermal imaging surveys including heat loss and insulation studies
• High Definition aerial surveys
• Live stock/animal surveys including Deer counting, sea mammal research and bird studies

The Airtopo data will be compared to published monuments that are published on D.O.T. website thru their GIS dept. The shapefiles that are used for underground utilities will be shared as well. The accuracy will be within 1’foot or .50’tenths of a 1’foot at 500’feet to 13,000’feet
The DJI F550 and the DJI S800,S900,S1000 with the modified Leica scanner and camera can detail cell towers and bridges and Roads...including Buildings and underground utilities . It has reached 8,000’feet and scanned roads and bridges within the Seattle and Boise Idaho areas.

 Access flights or "ride-along" are the ability to fly along and see what it’s like to be on board during missions. FPV is the correct description for these Access flights with one major difference Access flights are chances to fly along to do project RECON and that would be thru subscription only.




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